5 Tips for Maintaining Your Shingled Roof

Despite being one of the lesser noticed aspects of your home, your roof is one of the most important parts to keeping the structural integrity of your house intact. Without a little maintenance every now and then, you can unknowingly accelerate deterioration caused by weathering the elements throughout the year that might eventually require repair or a roof replacement.

There are some things you can do to maintain your shingled roof and we’ve put together these 5 tips to help!

1. Clear and remove debris.

It might not seem like the biggest deal, but having debris build up on your roof is one of the most common causes of accelerated deterioration to roofing shingles. Build up in the form of dead leaves, branches, and moss retain extra moisture and can add to the breakdown of even the best shingles over time.

2. Prune and remove any overhanging trees or branches.

Overhanging trees and branches are one of the biggest contributors in the way of debris on your roof. By pruning or removing these branches you can significantly reduce the amount of build up you see on your roof throughout the year.

3. Check your chimney.

Chimneys are one of the areas on your roof that can be among the first to start to deteriorate. If you’re able to inspect the area around your chimney, you can identify and potential problem areas early to have them repaired. You’ll especially want to check the mortar and the fit of the shingles around the chimney.

4. Check for any loose shingles

Over time due to exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and maybe even snow, individual shingles can loosen up. With one inspection that can include checking for cracks in mortar around your chimney, removing debris, and pruning any overheard branches, you can also check for loose shingles and re-secure them.

5. Clean and clear your gutters.

Every roof will also require some adequate draining, typically done in the form of gutters and drain pipes. Depending on where you live, these gutters and drain pipes can also become clogged with debris, creating a lack of drainage from your roof. An annual cleaning of your gutters and drain pipes should push through any built up leaves or material.

In our 34 years of operation in the remodeling industry, we’ve become experts on how to get the longest life from your roof. For more roofing information, contact MAK Construction, experts in roof remodeling based in the Princeton area.


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