Plan Your Spring Exterior Remodeling Projects Now

We’re all going a little stir-crazy cooped up this winter – the pandemic certainly doesn’t help things! That having been said, now is the perfect time to organize your inspiration and figure out which warm-weather remodeling projects you would like to tackle when the temperature and precipitation allows. Why not set yourself up for a spring and summer full of luxurious outdoor lounging? Read on for some home exterior remodeling tips from MAK Construction!

Fresh paint goes a long way.

Freshen up your front entry and old shutters. Paint your front door and existing shutters or replace them with new ones. A new color can give your house a whole new look.

Paint the windows and window trim. You may even want to try a new color. Black is popular right now. Remember: Windows do not have to be white.

Paint the garage doors and trim. It will give your house a new look!

Prioritize what needs to be replaced externally.

Replace old garage doors. There are literally hundreds of styles and materials from which to choose.

Replace old siding and add insulation under it. It’s the kind of project that pays off in both looks and energy efficiency. Consider the trim as well for an updated look.

Install new gutters and gutter guards. Doing so may mean you won’t need to go up a ladder to clean them out.

Think about function.

Replace or update your rear deck. Inspect your current deck. Is it too small for your needs? Are the materials in poor condition? These are clear signs it may be time to do some work.

Add an outdoor kitchen. Spending more time cooking? Craving fresh air? Looking forward to entertaining again, with plenty of room for people to spread out? These are all great reasons to consider an outdoor kitchen.

Build a screened porch or three-season room. These functional spaces are making a comeback, whether entirely new or an enhancement to a current deck.

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