5 Reasons Why You Should Fix Your Leaking Roof

If you notice your roof starting to leak, you shouldn’t wait and put off repairs for another day. A leaking roof is cause for serious concern, not only for cosmetic reasons, but structural ones as well. Fixing your roof should be top priority since any delays might cost you even more in the long run. Here are 5 great reasons why you should fix your roof sooner rather than later: 

Mold — When wood gets wet, it rots. Mold can quickly spread in the moisture-rich environment and end up causing even more damage to the wood. The mold could even spread further into your house, causing serious health issues, especially if you already have respiratory problems. 

Structural integrity — Holes and leaks don’t just affect the surface of your roof, but the structural supports as well. If the plywood on your roof continues to absorb moisture from a leak in the shingles, it can rot and soften. Leaving your leaking roof unattended could soon spread to your house’s infrastructure, threatening more damage or even a complete roof collapse. 

Electrical wiring — Don’t forget about wiring either. If the leak spreads, it could affect the electrical wiring in your ceilings and walls, which can cause damage to the wiring and a potential fire.

Energy loss — A leaking roof could also affect your energy bills. With a leak, the insulation in your roof could become water-logged and damaged. This would make it hard for your home to retain heat in the colder months, or let cold air escape during warmer months.

Further repairs — You should always try and fix a leaking roof as fast as possible. Letting a leak run rampant and spread throughout your house could cause further damage to your house’s framing, walls, and floors. Letting a leaky roof get worse will also leave you with many more costly repairs in the future. 

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