Top 5 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Before you start your next bathroom remodeling project, you should have a clear plan of what you want to accomplish. Working with a trusted partner like MAK Construction can help you foresee any issues you might encounter and save you some money throughout the process. Some design choices are subjective, but here are some bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid.

Don’t forget about storage

Minimalist designs are a sought after choice, but you still need to include areas to store your linens and toiletries. If you’re interested in pedestal sinks, make sure you have a place like a closet to house what used to belong in the cabinets below.

Don’t estimate the available space

You also need to keep the layout and spacing of your bathroom in mind, especially if you want to shift plumbing fixtures or remove walls entirely. You don’t want to have bathroom elements too far away to too close to each other.

Don’t settle for dull lighting

Light fixtures are a key feature in every bathroom and you don’t want to add any extra shadows to your reflection in the mirror. Consider the size ratio of the light fixtures to the vanity in order to avoid a major remodeling mistake. 

Don’t forget about water flow

Water flow issues in your bathroom is another avoidable mistake. Make sure the tile on your shower floor is angled properly towards the drain. Also be sure that the placement of your shower head won’t leak through your shower door. 

Don’t underestimate your budget

When you start the bathroom remodeling process, you need to be honest with yourself about your budget. It’s crucial to completing the project on time and how you want it. Costs can pop up, and if you make a remodeling mistake, it could be another added expense to fix it. 

When it comes to tackling a big project like remodeling your bathroom, MAK Construction can help you every step of the way. Our professional team can get you started and help you figure out what works best for your home. Contact us today!


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