Are Gutter Guards Right for You?

Do you wish there was a better option than having to clean your gutters every few months? Luckily there is, and it doesn’t involve climbing a ladder. Installing gutter guards for your home might be the best choice to help protect your home and health. Here’s what you need to know:

What do your gutters do?

Your gutters have a very important job. Gutters redirect rainwater away from the base of your home so that it doesn’t collect around the foundation. Your gutters and downspouts need to be free of debris, twigs, and leaves for the system to work properly. When they get clogged, water can overflow and pool around the base of your home, leading to some major structural problems.

What do gutter guards do?

Gutter guards are an extra level of protection for your drainage system. By installing these guards, you reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll need to do on your home. Gutter guards prevent falling debris from forming clogs, which means cleaning your gutters will turn into a yearly event, not a monthly one. Without any built-up debris in your gutter, these guards will also prevent vermin and insects from calling your gutters a home.

Since there isn’t any leaves and moisture getting stuck in your gutters with these guards, they also help prevent rusting and corrosion. When you install gutter guards, you’ll see better water flow especially during heavy storms, which will in turn help prevent damage to your home’s foundation. 

Eliminate the risks

Gutter cleaning is time consuming, dirty, and dangerous. Climbing the ladder to clean out the debris and leaves from your gutters can be daunting. With gutter guards you not only minimize any potential damage to your home, you also minimize serious risk to your health and injuries. 

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