Upgrade Your Home with These Siding Options

Revamping the look of your home can be as easy as switching up its exterior siding. As you shop around, select materials that complement your house’s architectural appearance while still aligning with your lifestyle needs. Your choice has an extraordinary impact on not only one residence but a neighborhood at large! Here are some of today’s trendiest external siding choices:

Stucco Siding

Traditional stucco is a dependable composite of cement, water, sand and lime that many homes incorporate with modern synthetic counterparts to construct the exterior wall. Although certain inferior-grade synthetic stuccos have raised concerns over reliability – investing in outstanding quality ensures durability! Nowadays you can tint your material for any desired color scheme—eliminating the need for painting altogether!

Cement Fiber Siding 

Are you searching for a siding solution that appears natural but does not require an abundance of maintenance? Fiber cement siding is perfect for what you’re looking for! It offers the same look and feel of wood, stucco, or masonry without needing much effort. Even better, it provides superior protection from fire hazards as well as termite attacks while offering up to 50 years in warranty! If your home’s exterior demands minimal upkeep yet still has that genuine wooden effect then fiber cement should be at the top of your list.

Wood Clapboard Siding 

To ensure your classic woods such as cedar, pine, spruce and Douglas fir last for years to come, simply give them some routine maintenance. Furthermore, wood siding looks even more beautiful when stained rather than painted. Above all else solid wood provides a timeless look that stands up against time better than any other material available today! To prove this point in history you can see artfully crafted wooden homes built centuries ago are still standing strong – an evident sign real wood is the superior choice when constructing or renovating high-end homes!

Cedar Shingle Siding 

Cedar shakes can offer your home a beautiful, tranquil addition to its natural wooded environment. Artistically crafted from the best cedar material, these shingles usually come dyed in browns, grays or other earthy colors for an elegant rustic look that is always fashionable. Moreover, they will save you money and bother due to their low maintenance demands; instead of repainting every several years like with classic clapboard siding, just use dye as needed to stop chipping!

Brick and Brick Veneer Siding 

If you’re searching for an aesthetically-pleasing and strong construction material, brick is the ideal option. These bricks come in a range of beautiful earthy colors, guaranteeing your structure will catch everyone’s eye. Even though it costs more upfront than other materials, that money goes towards longterm assurance – bricks can last centuries without needing to be maintained or repaired in 25 years! For those with tighter budgets, high quality veneers provide almost identical appeal but still guarantee durability so your investment pays off eventually.

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